Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review Policy

How I review books:
  • The Writing style; does it flow nicely? Is it complicated? Is it easy to read?
  • The Characters; are they developed enough? are there qualities that utterly annoy me?
  • Character relationships; are they flat? are they exciting?
  • The Setting/world (if fictional); is the world complex and hard to get into? Is it easy?
  • The Pacing; is it slow? is it rushed? is it just right?
  • (Misc. thing) Story Overall; was it the book for me? is it the book for most people?
Books I will review:
Only Young Adult or Middle Grade. I will not review adult books, or anything that is not on the list below. For personal reasons, I will not except review copies.

Genres I will review:
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Historical
Even book I have read from If I Stay and onwards will be reviewed unless 1. It is a book I don't have much to say about (which will rarely happen), or 2. It is book that is manga or has a graphic novel aspect to the book.

You can check the list of books I have read up in the books I've read and you can request a book review from that list if you want. Or you can check my to-read list on goodreads and request a review from there. Just send me a message on Goodreads and I'll reply within a day if I can do the review request or not.


1/5 stars = I hate you so much

1.5/5 stars = Did not like you

2/5 stars = Meh.

2.5/5 stars = You're ok.

3/5 stars = I like you, but not a whole lot

3.5/5 stars = I like you.

4/5 stars = I really like/love you.

 4.5/5 stars = I love you so much

5/5 stars = I am kneeling down before you.

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