Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Reading Challenge!

I have recently made a spreadsheet of all the books, from my tbr lists on goodreads and my summer 2014 tbr post, and put them together in 4 different catergories:

A: Series
B: Standalones
C: Sequels
D: First books in a Series

The first one was my original TBR summer list and my 2014 tbr list, and I saved that one as OriginalSummerTBR. And then I changed it to my more recent wanting to read list. Catergories stayed the same, but the stats will change.

(Note: This is the total amount of books for each category.)

Original Stats:
A: 23
B: 8
C: 4
D: 11

Stats after Change:

A: 31
B: 6
C: 2
D: 3

So, this got me thinking; I should set a Summer Reading Challenge for me. So, this is my plan:

1. Read as much as possible
I don't have a set amount of books to read, because I don't know how many I actually get to. I could end up reading a lot, or I could read only a couple of books (which I doubt). So, I will not be applying any set amount of books to read, but since this is the first summer I have gotten obsessed with reading, and I don't know how many books I'll read (aside from my required reading), I am aiming to read at least 5 books this summer. I , of course, will attempt to read as much as I can, but if I read at least 5 books, I will be happy.

2. Complete 4 series
I know 4 seems like an odd number to put for this category, but according to the changed spreadsheet, there are 4 series that I have already read the first book, but I still need to read the rest. And I would like to finish those series before moving onto new series, personally. For those of you who are curious, those series are the: Delirium, Hourglass, Shatter Me, and Luxen series. I know I will complete at least one of these (Luxen), but I am unsure about the other 3 series. I hope that I will at least be one book down for one of those other series, most likely Delirium because I already own Pandemonium.

3. Read at least 5 contemporary books
If you know me well enough, you know that I primarily read fantasy books but I have read some contemporary and have loved every contemporary I've read, so I do want to read some more of those. I know I will be reading at least one, because I'm going to need it after City of Heavenly Fire, most likely either Lola & the Boy Next Door or What I Thought Was True. And another reason I want to read some contemporary is because I think I do need a little bit of a break with fantasy. I LOVE fantasy, but I just need something a little bit light-hearted or more down to Earth.

4. Start 5 different series

Looking at my second goal, this seems completely ironic since I want to finish more series than start them, but I do want to start a few more series. Who knows, I might even finish one of them (The Selection) before summer ends. But another reason is because I want to expand my reading horizons and some of these series I either A; NEED to read (Harry Potter -hides under a rock-), or B; Need to get on the bandwagon before it becomes super popular.

1. Read as much as Possible
2. Finish at least 4 series
3. Read at least 5 contemporary books
4. Start 5 different series

If you want to do this Summer Reading Challenge, feel free to participate. You don't have to follow my exact goals, you can be flexible with these goals, you can change or add or decrease the amount of goals for your summer! The only thing that I ask is that you give me credit for the Summer Reading Challenge on your blog post and go nuts with your Summer Reading Challenge!

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