Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mortal Instruments Monday; Week 1: How you came across the Cassandra Clare novels and how they influenced you

Wow, City of Heavenly Fire is coming out in only a few weeks.
Yes, the end is finally arriving to us Shadowhunter fans. To old and new fans, the last last book in the Mortal Instruments series is coming out in only 3 weeks (and I still have to read/finish CP2, COFA, and COLS but let's just keep this between you and me). 
I was typing on the COHF Discussion Time group blog that I don't want to describe how I came across the TMI series since it is kinda long and boring. So I was like 'I'm going to make a post of this on my book blog', but then I came up with the idea of doing a weekly thing to prepare for the City of Heavenly Fire release.
So, in order to celebrate the series and how it's coming to an ending, I plan on doing 5 different Mortal Instruments posts preparing for this release. And most of them should be posted on Monday, which in May I will call it 'Mortal Instruments Monday'.  For those of you who are interested on how I will be doing this, here is how it will go down: Each week for May (and the week after that), I will put up a post related to the Mortal Instruments series (you can include both TMI and Infernal Devices in some cases) in preparation for the release of COHF. Here is how I plan on each week's post to be on:
Week 1: How you came across the Cassandra Clare novels and how they influenced you
Week 2: Zombie Apocalypse tag; Shadowhunter version!
Week 3: Favorite TMI Books in Order
Week 4: Theories to the Last Book (MUST POST DAY BEFORE RELEASE DAY)
Week 5 (this actually can be whenever you want): COHF Review
So if you are interested in this idea, I encourage you to participate! You don't have to do any of them exactly on Monday except for the one for Week 4, you can do most of them on any day of the week or put them all up at the same time.
So, for Week 1, we have How you came across the Cassandra Clare novels and how they influenced you. My story is somewhat long and kinda boring so don't expect too much, but let's get started

So, how did I stumble upon this series that change my life in so many ways?
Well, it all started back in August 2013, a couple of weeks before the movie got released. I don't remember exactly how I ran into this series, but I think I saw one of those previews in the movie theater of this movie when I saw the Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp in it, and I think around the beginning of August, I was on Fandango to look at new movies coming out soon, the title of 'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' looked interesting to me. So I saw the trailer and I was intrigued immediately, so I told my mom about it but she said I had to read the book so I was a little disappointed.
Now let's get to the part I actually remember. One day, me and my mom went over to Kmart to look for clothes and get some groceries. We were near the book sections and I thought that the City of Bones book would be near, so I found it and my mom bought it for me. When I got home, I did read the first couple of pages of the book, and I already knew that I was in love with this series. Never ever, for a book that I had to read for school, in the slightest way, I read about a third of the way though the book, a 500 page book!
So about a week school got back in, I finished the book and the following day I saw the movie. Even though I do have different opinions on the movie that I did when I first saw it, I absolutely loved it! As far the movie is from the book, the movie did cement my love for the Shadowhunter World.
So, I believe a week after I saw the movie, I was curious to see how other people thought of the movie, so I typed up 'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie review' or something like that. And thanks to that search, I stumbled upon Kat of Katytastic's channel, and little did I know that her channel and video would make me enter the booktube community and expand the knowledge of Young Adult books and make me read/discover some of my favorite books of all time (TDM I'm looking at you). In less than a year, I went from knowing some mainstream young adult books to knowing all of the new releases of Young Adult books coming out this week.
So, City of Bones, both the book and the movie, has changed my life in numerous ways. From making me fall head over heels with the series itself, to discovering the booktube community, to making me know almost every single YA book, the TMI series and pretty much all of Cassandra Clare's novels has changed my life. And I thank the series change that it made into my life.