Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art (Top Ten Tuesday)

EDIT: I completely forgot to link the owners of this weekly tag. *facepalms self* So Top Ten Tuesdays was created by the people at The Broke and the Bookish. Again, I am really sorry I forgot to link it when I originally wrote this. My brain was just being amazing.
I feel like I should try to be part of the Top Ten Tuesdays or at least try, so let's see how this goes:

This is in no order at all btw. 


I love everything about this cover, from the colors to how grand and epic it looks. god i'm terrified to read this book.

I was going to go for the cover that didn't have the read strip on the edge, but blogger said it wasn't a video or image even though it was an image. So this is going to have to do. -_-
Anyway, I love love love how artistic this cover is. I love the two silhouettes that  look grand and are walking away from each other, to the circle in the middle showing the Night Circus itself.

I think all of the covers in this series look pretty, but I think this one is the best one due to how magical is looks and how it is (in my opinion) more artistic than the other two covers. The love how the two characters Ariel and Bertie are holding each other and how Nate is in the background and he is kind of translucent and I also love the fairies that are flying all over the cover.


I love the winter-like feel to the cover and how pretty that it looks with the ice-like ground and the snow covering the trees and and glass sphere of doom (or something like that) -wins oscar for amazing description- 

I love the paint-like art. The way the red is on the cover reminds me of a lot of paint on a piece of art. I also love how the paint-like substance seems to form a face and I also hope that the next book looks like this or is similar to this.

I think all of the covers in this trilogy look really pretty and beautiful, but I think that this one is the one that I can imagine as a piece of art put in a museum. I LOVE the calm exterior of space and the sun glaring at the edge of earth and the colors just make this cover so beautiful!

While this might not be my first pick for putting a book cover in a museum as a piece of art, I love the purple on the cover (probably because purple is my favorite color and this is like my favorite shade of purple), and I also love the flowers that appear on the cover, it really does bring a sense of Japanese since this takes place (well partially) in Japan.

I ABSOLUTELY love this cover! Out of all of the covers in this list, this would honestly be my first choice for a book cover I'd use as a piece of art. I love literally everything about this cover. The artistic face on the cover with the green and the flowers/lilies on her and this is just a such a beautiful cover. Also, going off topic here, I love the title and how it sounds so cool with the first two words and then a comma and the words flipped (I don't think that made sense but we can hope it made a little).


This is such a beautiful cover! I love the primary blue color on this cover (and I just realized that all the primary colors in this series are primary colors, red, blue, and yellow -mindblown-) against the black and white colors and typography. I love how the mask is like a mask that would be worn in a masquerade (I don't know if that actually happens though).


This cover is absolutely beautiful. I love the calm simple colors and how it seems surreal with her hair like that and it's unlike any cover I've seen. Any of the covers in this series could have been put as a piece of art, but this one is my favorite because it is so simple and it just feels so surreal.

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