Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shadow by Amanda Sun (Review)

Katie Greene’s worst nightmare comes true when her mother dies, and she’s devastated to learn that she will have to leave the only home she’s ever known. Desperate to find where she belongs, she must decide if she has what it takes to start a new life across the ocean.

For Yuu Tomohiro, every day is a nightmare. He struggles to control his strange ability, and keeps everyone at a distance so they won’t get hurt—even his girlfriend, Myu. At night, a shadow haunts his dreams, and a mysterious woman torments him with omens of death and destruction. But these haunting premonitions are only the beginning…

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I saw that this was a free ebook on my ereader store and I have wanted to read something from this series, so naturally I decided to get this and sometime afterward I started it, and I read it all throughout my Spring break (which for me would be pretty good). And I enjoyed it.

One of the things I love most about this series right now is that it takes place in Japan and is influenced by Japanese mythology and culture and in YA literature we don’t see it all that much. It was refreshing to know a little bit about Japanese culture, and I think that there will be a lot of reference to that and the mythology in the first book.

However, that was basically the only thing I loved about this book. Everything else I either liked or didn’t care about.

The characters weren’t that memorable, sure they were interesting and I cared about them, but I don’t care about them enough to the point where I would be overprotective of them as the fangirl I am/can be. My favorite character would have to probably be Myu (I believe that’s her name). She was just sweet and so really likeable to me. But the main reason I think I didn’t like/care for them as much was probably because this was a prequel/novella and so I don’t know the characters all that much, but I would have liked to care for them at least a little bit more.

I did like that we got to see Katie go from America to Japan and try to get accustomed to Japan’s style and culture and language and was at least trying. And I did like that we saw Tomohiro struggle through his nightmares and the fact that he had to restrain from letting the monsters inside him take over since he is a demon god or a child of a demon god (I can’t remember.

In the end, I gave Shadow 3.5/5 stars. It wasn’t a terrible read, but it wasn’t the best thing ever. This didn’t wow me or anything like that, but it was a lovely reading experience and I still have plans to read Ink.

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