Thursday, July 17, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (Review)

Welcome to the first book in which I do not give you a synopsis. Because like everyone says, it is best to go into this book without knowing too much about it, so I will only say these three things:

1. I really liked this book. If you want to know why, read for yourself and join me in the spoiler section.

2. Go into this book only knowing that it is a contemporary that deals with memory loss.

3. Like I did, I highly suggest you go into this book and not remember any of the hype until you are done reading it.

Now, if you have read We Were Liars, please click on the 'Read More' to enter spoilers. If you haven't read it, come back when you have.
So, this book. This one was interesting. I am like one of the last people on Earth to read this, so I heard that this book got mixed reviews. A reason that I heard that the hype kind of killed this book, so I went into this not remembering any of the hype and just being excited to read this because I've wanted to read it forever.

So first off, the writing. I have heard some mixed things about the writing, some said it was boring and had no emotion, others loved it and thought it was beautiful. Me? I am in the middle of all of this. I honestly really loved the writing and thought it was beautiful how it flowed, but I did find it kind of boring and I didn't feel a whole lot of emotion in this.

Now, with the actual story/plot. Now, I actually love how this deals with memory loss because, and I don't really know why, stories where the main character has amnesia is just so interesting because they are struggling to remember what they forgot and why and how they forgot said memories.

The end. Okay, that I did not suspect. I honestly thought that Cadence was in the water and someone got in a fight with her and she was going to do something and other stuff (great description) happens and that's how she got memory loss. But, I honestly did not suspect that the Liars wanted to burn that house down and that Cadence was the only one out of the four who survived. The others, Johnny (whom I loved because I thought he was good comedy relief here and there), Mirren (Who I liked but was honestly my least favorite out of the Liars because I thought she was a little too bossy), and Gat (who was sweet and interesting and I don't know how else I can describe him), they died, and it was so sad and during the scene where she is saying her final goodbyes to them, I did well up a couple of tears, so I'm saying this is the second book that has made me cry.

So since the Liars (except for Cadence) died, from what I have heard is that they were ghosts or hallucinations during summer seventeen, I think it was. Honestly, I say that they were more of hallucinations, probably because I actually like psychological thrillers or anything psychological in books, but also because like Ariel from Ariel Bissett said in her theory video it does make sense when you think about it. And since Cadence is trying to remember because of her memory loss, I think that her subconscious would mentally create a Gat and Mirren and Johnny for her time at summer seventeen on the island because it's the only time when she sees them, and also those subconscious manifests of the other three Liars would give her hints and try to tell her bits and pieces of the memories that she forgot so she can remember them at her own pace.

I honestly don't know what else I can say about this book, other than that I know this will be a sticky book and that I will definitely be thinking about this book a lot and will be rereading this book sometime in the future. So, I will give We Were Liars by E. Lockhart a 4.5/5 stars.


  1. This is the first time I'm hearing about the hallucination theory but it actually makes more sense. I would have enjoyed the story so much more if I had known beforehand! Anyhow, great review! :">

    1. Thank you, and even before I heard about the proof of the theory/before seeing Ariel's video I had a feeling that they were hallucinations. I think that if you know that before you got into the story, then it probably would have been ruined because you would know how it would end. But thanks again for commenting!