Monday, August 11, 2014

My TBR Jar

If you stalk me on goodreads, you know that about 1 in every fifth book I pick up I have to put down. There might be reasons for it, like I am just not getting into the story, it might be a library book that I have to turn in, or anything along those lines. Well, I now feel like I need to stop myself from reading library books and actually focus on the books that I own; so I'm making a blog post to talk about this.

So, why do I want to make a TBR jar at this point? There are a bunch of books I want to read (just look at the number of my to-read books on my to-read shelf), but I have a large number of books I own that I haven't read and I'm just going to be blatant about this:

I own more books that I haven't read than books I have read.

This also contributes to the book-buying-ban I was/am on, to where I basically only buy new books that I know I will read relatively soon. I think that I was, without realizing it, borrowing like every library book ever that I know I wouldn't read but like to have in my possession because I was on the ban and wouldn't get any new books (at least until the fall).

So, I decided that I need to control this and basically stop reading almost-exclusively library books. I do have one exception, and this is primarily towards the Shatter Me series, I can borrow sequels if I've read the first book in the series.

Now, the TBR jar. I've had one set up for several months and it didn't hit me until I was looking at the books I was currently reading that I could not finish 'Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson'. I currently have the two reasons as to why I put it down on my review of it so you can check it out that way. But I put it down because of the library book thing and I was also feeling overwhelmed by the books I was currently reading.

And also, I really want to tackle down the books I own and actually put my TBR jar to it's job. So, I have (with I think two exceptions because I do have a specific day/time I plan on reading said book) every book (except for the book that comes after that if it's a sequel) I own in my TBR jar.

Here is how it's going to go down each month: in my TBR for the month, I will have the books I plan on read in the post, and I will pick two books out from my TBR jar and pick one of the two starting either this month or at the very least in September and read it. There, I said it and you can scold me if I don't do it in my next TBR.

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