Sunday, June 1, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare (SPOILER REVIEW)


I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance?

  I don't want this series to be over! I think the only thing that can describe my feelings right now are in Tom Hiddleston gifs:

How I am on the outside after reading COHF:
 How I am on in the inside after reading COHF

But aside from that, this book was just a roller coaster of all the things.

First off, I need to talk about the theories I had/agreed on for this book. Let's start with the deaths I predicted.

In my theories post, I said that I thought Sebastian, Maureen, Jordan, Jocelyn, Maryse, and Magnus were going to die. How many of those deaths was I actually right about?
I was right on half of those deaths.

The first one of those who died was Jordan, I mean, it was kind of obvious he was going to die. He didn't save Maia like I thought it would happen, but I still saw that he was going to die. I was so upset that Sebastian killed him and was like "Your boyfriend's dead, by the way." I would have stabbed that bitch in the stomach like he did to Jordan.

The next one I correctly suggested that would die was Maureen. I was thinking how everyone thought Raphael was going to die (along he did) and I was like 'A vampire is going to die, but Raphael seems to obvious and Simon is too lucky to die. Maureen, you're going down.' I didn't see the fact that she would suck Maia's blood and would die of the holy water that Lily injected in her veins.

The last character I was right who I thought was going to die was Sebastian. I think everyone knew that he was going to die. I also had a feeling he would get the heavenly fire in him and it would burn the demon blood away. But for the short time that he is Jonathan, Jocelyn's real son, I was so upset and I wanted to cry a waterfall, since, and I have mentioned this in my CP2 review, I am a book emo and I rarely show emotion when I read book. Anyway, I was so sad that he died, Sebastian can just rot in Edom, but Jonathan was sweet and it makes me want to wish that he could undo his wrong from the monster he used to be.

The other three characters that died were 1. Melion/the faerie guy. I was just like 'meh' to his death because he deserves it. 2. Raphael, I was surprised that he died. I didn't think he would but I was shocked. But I was proud of him that he didn't kill Magnus and he paid back Magnus for saving his life when he first Turned, and 3. Amatis. I wasn't shocked since she died because she was the Endarkened and they all died when the Infernal Cup was destroyed.

So, what about the other theories?

I was upset that the Isabelle Lightwood theory was incorrect, and that Izzy is a child of the Lightwoods' (if you are confused, I'm talking about this theory which was talked about in a video by Christine of PolandBananasBooks). I thought it was but when we got to the last ten pages I was like 'Damn it, it's not true..."

There was very little mention about Camille in this book, so we are left to assume that Maureen did kill her, but I still think Camille is alive because here's the proof we don't have: Where's her body? I think that she is still alive and might appear in one of the later series by Cassie.

I was correct about the wedding since Clary and Jace were engaged and we going to get married in the hallucination when she and the kids went to Edom, and that Jocelyn and Luke finally got married, but the wedding didn't happen until the Epilogue and not in the beginning like I said in my theories.

I was correct on the theory that when Jocelyn said she would like Clary to meet Tessa happened in real life and that she met Tessa and Zacheriah. I also like all of the mentions of the characters and the relationships from TID.

Speaking of Zacheriah, I was so glad that (even if it hurt him) the heavenly fire went into him and it turned him back from Silent Brotherhood, and I was like 'ohmygod' constantly. If you have read TID and know me, you should know why.

I was also correct that the Epilogue from CP2 did take place in the middle of COHF, and I was so happy that Tessa and Zacheriah were together at Luke and Jocelyn's wedding.

Speaking of Tessa and Zacheriah, when they mentioned that they were going to Los Angeles I was so happy because that meant that they can be with Emma and Julian and all the other characters. We also got introduced to a warlock, I can't remember his name right now, but I have a feeling that he will play a part in the Dark Artifices.

I also loved how we got to see the characters that are going to appear in the Dark Artifices series, especially the relationship between Emma and Julian and why they decided to become parabatai.

I didn't mention in the theories for COHF, but I thought that the gang would go to a demon realm for whatever reason, and I liked how we went there and how the world was like a mirror of the real world, but things happened differently since Jonathan Shadowhunter got cocky. I also loved how the characters struggled and their adventure to get to Sebastian.

When the gang and Magnus had to go to Magnus' father, the prince of the demon realm of Edom (my memory is working lovely right now), and in order for the gang to go back to Idris since the worlds between Edom and Earth were sealed away, he wanted to take Magnus, his own son's, immortality. And when Simon sacrificed himself to have his own immortality taken, I was like 'yes, then Magnus lives and Simon stays 16/17!', but when the demon said he also wanted Simon's memories of the Shadow World, I was like 'oh dear god'. And when his memory was taken, I wanted to cry. Especially when Clary tried to tell him that she was his best friend and he didn't remember, it made me want to cry. But when he got some of his memories back and the possibility that he might get Ascended made me smile and it would be possible for Sizzy to happen.

Another thing I have to mention right now is the final name for Simon's band. I did NOT see that coming at all. 'The Mortal Instruments'. I accidentally saw the name before I got to it and I literally was like 'WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?! WHAT?'. Basically, my reaction was the same was the ending of the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, but more shocked and surprised than confused.

The battle scenes were so intense, especially the final battle in Alicante and the battle at the Citadel, and those were also my favorite fighting scenes.

The character development and relationships were done so so well and every character and relationship had a clear end and how they would move on beyond what we see from books. We got so lucky when the three main relationships (Clace, Sizzy, and Malec) were not separated by death and they are together and happy.

The writing was fantastic and it was descriptive and I also think that this is the best Cassandra Clare has written. 

I give City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare a full 5/5 stars. This is possibly, even more than CP2, a satisfying end to this six book series. It feels so upset that this series has come to an end even though I personally have only been a fan of the series for almost a year. I am excited to read the other three series that we are getting in the future and I will definitely read them and laugh and cry and feel things all over again. This is my favorite book series, and favorite fictional series of all time, and I can say that this is a satisfying end to this fantastic six book series.