Monday, July 21, 2014

Booktube-a-Thon 2014 Wrap-Up

So Booktube-a-Thon 2014 is over! It is a bittersweet end because I am upset this crazy and wonderful event is over and watching the daily challenges and all of the daily updates. But I am also glad because I can now sleep peacefully xD. But, even though my TBR did not work out at all, I am still really proud of how much I read.

Prepare for that motivational speech/rambling 
Booktube-a-Thon for me was more of a personal challenge. I knew that I would not get all of the challenges done, heck I would have been happy if I just got one challenge done, I knew that I would be busy closer to the end of the week and that my reading plan would burn to the ground and ultimately fail. But, I am still really proud of the progress I've made, and you should be even if you just read five pages or didn't complete any of the challenges, or you did in which you are some kind of magician.

Anyway, my rambley speech is over, now my overall progress/wrap-up.

So, on Day 1, I read the last 299 pages of Of Poseidon by Anna Banks. This was supposed to help me complete the 'start and finish a series' which I totally failed btw. And after I finished Of Poseidon, I read the first 32 pages of Of Triton by Anna Banks, the sequel to Of Poseidon, obviously. That brought my overall total for Day 1 to 331 pages.

Now, come Day 2 that's when everything starts to go downhill. I only read 57 pages of Of Triton, which is still a lot but I was hoping to get more read. But my overall total for the readathon was brought up to 388 pages.

Day 3, I read a lot more than the previous day. I read 39 pages of Of Triton by Anna Banks and I put it down because I finally was able to read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I read the first 88 pages of the books, bringing my total page count to 515.

Day 4, everyone was basically dying but I surprisingly got a lot of reading done. I finished the last 137 pages of We Were Liars and I also read the first 56 pages of Alienated by Melissa Lander, and my total page count for the readathon was 708 pages.

And Day 5, I only read 6 pages of Alienated because I am such a bad person (to be fair, I was busy and I had no time to read). So my page count for the week at that point was 714 pages.

Day 6, I was really busy during the day but when I got home I read 9 pages of Alienated and 10 pages of Of Triton, bringing my total page count to 733.

And for the final day, Day 7, I did as much reading as I could and as much my brain wanted me to read, but I surprisingly read a lot. I read 61 pages of Of Triton, and to bring my total page count to the 800s', I read 8 pages of The One by Kiera Cass because I can get through those books easily. And that brought my total page count for the entire readathon to a grand total of 802 pages!

Now, I am a little disappointed I didn't reach the 1000s', but 800 pages in one week is still a lot.

And now, I'm sure some of you are wondering if I completed any of the challenges, and I did actually did (I mean, this might be considered cheating, but it still is something), I read a book with red on the cover. And I know you are wondering what book that is. It's We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, it had red font color from the John Green blurb on the top of the cover. So, there, I did it.

Anyway, I hope your booktube-a-thon was successful and awesome. I hope you got a whole lot of reading done, and comment below your progress from this past crazy week.

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