Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I don't want to do this. But, I feel like it's time to put up an update. Now, it's not really targeted at my personal life, but it will affect this blog and my reading; especially since school is right around the corner and I will be back in only a couple of weeks. If you've read one of my previous posts (about the TBR jar), I mentioned that I own more books than books I've read, so I decided I'm going to put the TBR jar into effect to lower it. And I have recently been thinking about my reading and I want to make some changes to my reading and book life.

So, I have four announcements that I want to tell you guys, now these are important for both my reading and blogging life, so I recommend reading this.

#1: I will only be reading from the books I actually own. Now, for this I will pretty much be pointing you to my TBR Jar post where I elaborate this a little bit more. But basically, I will only borrow library books that are sequels I intend on reading soon because I want to focus more on my unread books than library books.

#2: I will no longer be including a TBR in my monthly wrap-up/tbrs. Honestly, I decided this so that I won't feel as pressured into reading the books I set when I might not actually read them. I will most likely be putting up a few books I might read in the month, but none of them are solid reads.

#3: I want to spend more of my time reading. This summer, I have read a lot (starting from post-COHF, I have completed 14 books). BUT, while I am only somewhat proud of that number. I wanted to read at least twenty books, and with life starting to become crazy starting next week I will probably not reach it or at least just barely reach it. So, I want to spend at least an hour or two each day just reading a book, starting really soon.

#4: I will be posting less frequently on my blog. I saved the worst one for last. I know that I haven't been that good of a blogger for the month and post-Booktube-a-thon. I decided that I want to try and post at least two a week for two reasons. 1. Since I want to spend more time reading I will have limited time to work on posts. I think that this will go into effect next week; and 2. I have school so I will naturally lose a lot of time for my blog and reading.

I hope that you guys understand this and I will see you next time.

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